Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wow baby!

I left out some details of the days leading up to deployment....I didnt mean to keep everyone in the dark but it was our little secret, and by little...i mean really little! Like an apple seed side little...

2 days before Kale left, we found out were expecting! Were so excited and if you could cross your fingers and toes, were hoping he will be home for the birth! On deployment day we took a picture of him kissing my 4 1/2 week along belly so then at homecoming we can take the same picture but Ill be 8-9 months pregnant or carrying a newborn around! 

Nothing else has been going on, Im such a planner that Ive been doing lots and lots of research...Im fascinated by the different types of cloth diapers and Im excited to see what will work best for us.  Car Seats are so overwhelming! I feel more pressure to buy the right car seat then the right car, and Ive done about the same amount of research! 

The next couple weeks are going to be super busy! This time next week, I will be in Vegas with my Dad! I'm so excited! And, so far, no real morning sickness! (knock on wood)

The puppies totally know...I think Coop caught on right away, he couldnt be more then a few feet away from me and if he was, he would cry and cry and cry! Hes also a lot more protective, way more barky when people are around and if people are over and they are sitting close to me, he has to sit in between me and my guest! Cujo took a little longer to catch on but now he is totally in tune with "something is up"...he normally sleeps without touching people, if you try to get close to him, he would get up and move, even off of the, Ill wake up to him sleeping on my stomach, or we will sleep forehead to forehead! I cant be out of his line of sight without him running to me, which is COMPLETE OPPOSITE  of what he used to be like! 

I think it might be a mix of them sensing something is up with me and noticing that Kale isnt coming back anytime soon! 

So, there you go, a quick update and Ill leave you with a picture!


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