Friday, July 30, 2010

My dogs are awesome!

Man, I love my pups...they amuse me to no end and I love watching the weird things that they do it better! I try to catch as many as those moments as I I thought if I find them amusing, so must everyone else! (kind of like parents with their kids...) So without making you wait any longer to see the worlds cutest dogs...enjoy!

Cujo lacks serious personal space...unfortunately this is a common occurrence during nap time! And my husband who also enjoys the crazy antics of the pups, is always willing to grab the camera and click away! 
Again, personal space is non-existent in our house! I love how I dont wake up when he is covering my face with his body anymore!

 Coop was NOT happy about having to be in this while we flew! He was BEGGING to get outta it!

Coop sleeps in the most uncomfortable looking positions! Oh and this was when he was really sick and had to get an IV hence the bandage! 

PUPPY RUN!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cujo wedged himself in between the pillows, then slept that way....

All ready to move to our new house!!! "Helping" pack! 

Coop was not thrilled that it was little Devil!

Anyway...those are some of my favorite random pictures of the pups!!! Im sure yall will quickly get sick of my how many pictures I post of them...but hey! They are my kids!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As I promised yesterday...

Pictures from my crazy busy week!

Emma came to visit, we went and watched the sunset one evening! It was a great night to watch the sun sink into the lake! 
This is Potato, Emma's cute new puppy...she was mistreated and malnourished and Emma rescued her- she is an Irish Setter/Lab mix!

Dani's Bridal shower was so fun, for the centerpieces we had flower pots with cookie flowers, then heart shaped spoon favors that say "scoop of love", and as you can tell our colors were pink, orange, yellow, and some green!

We had a great dessert table- cupcakes, cake, chocolate covered pretzel drizzled with colored chocolate in our colors, cheesecake bites, fondue fountain!

The cute cupcakes I made, see how cute the flower ones are...I give myself props for how well they turned out!
And, last but not least- with the bride! It was so hot in the house- it didn't have air conditioning and it was 90 degrees and HUMID! We all looked so sweaty!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Eek, its been a week!

Man, I havent posted in a week but surprisingly I havent had time too! Monday-Thursday one of my great friend's Emma came to visit...she just got a new puppy, her name is Potato! We had tons of fun and I showed her around Erie and introduced her to various Erie customs such as 50-50 tickets, Stag and Drags, Pepperoni Balls, Sponge Candy, and some other random things! 

Then once Emma left, it was full speed ahead for setting up for my best friend's bridal shower! We had 2 crazy days of setting up, baking, cooking, assembling, etc.  But the party went off without a hitch and everyone really enjoyed it! 

I of course havent uploaded the pictures yet so youll just have to wait! But on an exciting note- Kale gets to come home on leave for the wedding he is in! He will get in late Wednesday night and we will hopefully get to stay for a full week! 

I'm ready to be back in my house but more importantly Im ready to be back with my husband!

Stay tuned this week for pictures from the bridal shower, and I want to take Coop swimming now that he got groomed!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I never thought I would say this...

but I miss the chores of my house! As much as I HATE (seriously, I cant think of many things I dislike doing less) cleaning my house, after being away for 2 weeks...I have the incredible urge to clean and rearrange my house...if only it wasn't 700 miles away! 

(and please dont remind me of this desire when I actually get back...I'm sure the moment will have passed haha)

I guess this little forever long trip to my parents recharged my domestic batteries! The few weeks before coming up I had no motivation to clean, do any of my DIY projects, gardening, go the gym, or cook (which I love to do!), I just wanted it to magically do itself!

When I get back in August, my goal is to get the painting of the bathroom done- we are big University of Kentucky fans (Hubs wardrobe consists of UK shirts and shorts, then a handful of "nice clothes", on any given day- you could bet that at least 1 of us is wearing something UK-ish) and our upstairs bathroom is I think I'm going to make it a UK themed bathroom! Its the upstairs bathroom right near the man cave so it would be perfect! 

I figure, go big or go home although I am having some trouble picking out paint colors...I would love to do "Kentucky Blue" but so many of the accessories will be that blue that I think it might be too much of a "blob of blue" So I was thinking maybe just doing a stripe of blue with the rest being white walls...I dont know...any suggestions?

As for accessories, itll be ALL UK, ALL THE TIME

Then I will decorate with some of the pictures I have from various games that we went to, I figure frame them and hang them up...

So that is my project for when I get home in August...and hopefully my domestic-ness doesn't go away again!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Man, this weekend I have so much to do! Mainly, graduation parties!! I love the food, chatting with family friends that I haven't seen in a long time, and THE CAKE! DUH!! I'm a sucker for sweets, I am always a constant diet-fail! Anyway...what is really crazy is that the graduation parties that I am going to are for people that I used to BABYSIT!! 

I cant believe it, if there is one way to make me feel old, its to attend a graduation party of a kid who's diapers I changed!!

Although high school graduation was 2006, it feels so far away though! Our graduation wasn't like the traditional graduation that one envisions...I went to a mainly all-girl school and the girls would wear white floor length gown, white elbow-length gloves, shoulders covered (we graduated in Church...typical Catholic School girl!), and with a half dozen red roses!

Kale was at boot camp during my graduation, which stunk but he made it to my college graduation (by 2 days, he got home from training just in time!)

This is me and Dani- my Maid of Honor, we have been best friends since we were 3, and went to school together for 15 years! 

And, my other BFF since we were 3, she was also in my wedding! All ready for graduation! 

Graduation from UNCW! What a great time!!!

And, so Kale doesnt feel left out...boot camp graduation! August, I cant believe how long ago that was! 

Oh man, and this is embarrassing! This is Kale's high school graduation in 2005...he looks so young! Oh and I had the worst spray tan ever, I turned straight orange...haven't ever gone back to a spray booth! 

Off to graduation party....bring on the cake! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cujo braves the high seas....

of Lake Erie that is! 

Cujo, our 1 year old Havanese (or as most people say...Hava-what!?) went swimming for the first time! I always told Kale that I want them to go swimming when we go home but knowing my was going to be quite the nightmare experience.  

Coop, our 2 year old Maltese is a very non-outdoor dog! We got him from a family that had him with his mother until the day we picked him up, always inside, etc. Then we trained him on puppy pads because we lived on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex and I wasn't comfortable with taking him out in the middle of the night (Hubs was, once again, deployed!) so he would really only get out in the morning to do his business and our evening 2 mile walk...he doesn't do rain, or wind, or anything else besides sunshine! He would rather hold it all day then get sprinkled on!

So, with this less than thrilled attitude that Coop would have to go swimming, I figured I better take precautions.  I was convinced Coop would be so miserable in the water that instead of swimming he would just let himself drown! Thus...A LIFE JACKET WAS NEEDED!

Cujo is more of a outdoor-ish dog! He  loves doesn't mind getting wet and always comes in with muddy fur from rolling around in the dirt...basically a typical boy!! So I knew that I would test the life jacket/ swimming experience with Cujo first! 

So I bought the life jacket, took Cujo to the beach, carried him far enough where the waves wouldn't crash on him (which I totally wasn't expecting to be waist deep...I was thinking knee area!)  and let him go! 

He paddled right to shore and shook I made him do it a couple more times...he seemed to not mind it, so up next...Coop's turn! That will be this weekend....I'm sure his experience will be a lot more exciting then Cujo's....

But, enjoy some lovely photos of my baby boy's first time swimming!

Enjoying the life jacket!
Round 2: Like I said, I wasn't expecting to actually have to go into the water!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oye, blogging is exhausting...

So today its overcast and sprinkling on and off...not too fun! It makes me wish I was spending the day in the sun, on Lake Erie with the husband! But since its raining-there goes the boat idea,and since Kale is floating around training on ship- that is out as well! So...I can just remember that weather passes and at the end of the month we will be doing this...

But until then, I am bored and what a better crappy day to re-do my blog design and all that jazz...well 2 hours later....and I got it back to what it was, almost..

Im very blogger un-savvy and knew that this was a bad idea...but did I listen to myself...NO! Of course not, that would have made sense...

               So it started out very simple...I added a new background (and it was super cute!) but realized that now my pictures werent showing the whole picture and cutting off half of the photo, it really annoyed me! And then, it was all down hill from there...I should have just given up and took a nap- like Cujo!

               I thought, how hard could it be to widen, harder then I expected! So in a nut shell, i widened it but it threw everything off, then I put it back together and my posts looked all funny, then i decided to just put it back...couldnt figure it out, but I got it mostly back to how it should be...

Oh and I cant figure out how to change the fonts and colors either for my postings...GAH!

 I think Ill leave it alone, at least for a little, but knowing me, I will torture myself with trying to redo it again...

               Oh, and I realized my comments dont work, I think I fixed it- it says that comments are on and that anyone can comment but I had a friend write me on facebook saying that she couldnt comment (Thanks Emily!) so...maybe it will work...

  SO yeah- lesson learned today- dont mess with something that works, that is unless you know someone who knows how to fix it!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts of the views of marriage...

Yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary! I cant believe how quick the year went...and not to mention, Kale was home for the most of it!! I cant wait for the many other anniversaries that we share together!

It was a great day- went fishing (and catching!) with my parents on the boat for most of the day then met Dani (my best friend who was my Maid of Honor) to get some ice cream! The only thing missing...MY HUSBAND! He is out doing his 2nd-to-last training exercise before deployment...oh well, he is coming up at the end of the month so we are going to celebrate late- including eating out cake!

I was also looking back and thinking about the wedding, and the road that got us there...and I got to thinking...

I have long noticed that there is a divide in viewpoints regarding military relationships and civilian relationships but in the last few years I have realized that the divide seems huge- like one I could drive a semi-truck through. Its like two different worlds when talking about relationships...

Kale and I started dating in 2004, I graduated high school in 2006 and he joined the USMC and left for boot camp a month before my graduation...We got engaged in May 2007, right after my 19th birthday and depending on who I was talking to, my conversations were DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT!

Military Convo:

Military friend: ABOUT TIME!! I cant believe you didnt get married right when he graduated boot camp, yall have been together for a long time! Whens the wedding?
Me: Were gonna wait a while, were thinking Summer 2009 (2 years away)
Military friend: WHAT!!!! WHY!!!!!! Why would you wait?!?!

Civilian Convo:
Civilian Friend: OMG? Really? Youre going to have a long engagement right? I mean your so young, whats the rush? Why dont you just enjoy being young? You havent thought about the wedding at all right?
Me: Were gonna wait a while, were thinking Summer 2009

COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! In the military, a common motto is "hurry up and wait", I think it should be "hurry up, then hurry up again!"...Ask any military couple if they know someone who met and got married within less then 6 months and you will be hard pressed to find someone who DOESNT know at least a handle of people, if not themselves!

Some of my closest friends have been married longer then they knew each other before marriage, they thought Kale and I were crazy for not being married since we had been dating so long and were clearly headed toward marriage, their point was "If its going to happen, why wait?"

Now ask that civilian if they know people who meet and get married within 6 months, and that number that can list people drops WAY down! Its such a foreign concept, and that doesnt even factor in how most military get married young!

I dont think either "side" is right or wrong but it just shows how different of lifestyles become when one "marries the military"...

Now, of course since the views of when to get married are so different, you could imagine the difference when it comes to children! I can only imagine the different views we get when we expand our family from the "two sides"!

This ended up becoming a really random post but its something that I have been thinking about, especially since someone made the comment to me "How are you married, you look like you're in Kindergarten!"

So, to keep adding to the randomness of thoughts that this blog has become, enjoy some wedding photos!

This describes the tee haha

and one of my all time favorite pictures of the night!

Oh the neglect!

So, I totally havent been blogging- I just dont have much to say...well, I do but by the time I get done with said activities that seem blog-worthy...I usually am too tired! Some of the more interesting things that happened in the last couple weeks were:

1. Jayne Wayne day: Its basically "take your wife to work" day but instead of sitting around waiting on word, we got to do fun things- lots of fun things@! I shot guns (MULTIPLE), rode in an LAV, got to climb all over and inside helicopters, tanks, random vehicles, etc.

2. Our A/C broke! We have 2 seperate systems, and our upstairs one kicked the wouldnt have been to bad since the master bedroom is on the first floor but we had guests, that had to sleep upstairs in the guest rooms...oh and to add to it, the heat index was over 100! It took 6 days to fix, right in time for our guests to leave...i felt so bad!

3. Im in Erie, PA! For the entire month....Kale has training for most of the month of July and I have to throw a bridal shower and attend a wedding during that time all in Erie so I decided it would be easier (and cheaper- hello gas prices!) to just stay in Erie the whole time instead of driving back for the weekends...

Um, yeah, thats basically it...I swear once I get this crazy summer over with, I will be a much better blogger!