Monday, December 13, 2010

Favorite Christmas Memories

I was thinking about Christmas pasts and thought I would share some of my favorite memories of all times!

Our family (as in aunts, uncles, and (pictured)cousins) celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.  For as long as I can remember, we have had Christmas Eve at my house, we have a big dinner then sit around a fire, and open presents from each other.

When I was 4, Santa called me.  This was the time before cell phones so my Uncle went in the other room, dialed the house number and hung up...once my Dad picked up, my Uncle re-picked up the phone and my Dad told me that Santa was on the line and he wanted to speak to me.  We had a lovely little chat and I so vividly remember that wonderful conversation with a man I was so excited about!

Then when I was 16, it seemed to be the Christmas that everything went wrong.  First off, our oven broke so we had to go to a family friends house to finish cooking the ham.  Then as we were passing out presents, the tree toppled over when my cousin bumped into it getting the presents for my aunt and uncle.  Kale had pink eye, so I couldn't get too close to him! Last but not least, the normal Christmas caroling CD we listen to during it started skipping and stopped playing. 

But you know what, when the tree fell down, so did a lot of ornaments...we then as a whole family decorated the tree together, something we had never done.  Then when the CD went out, my uncle put in the Budweiser commercial CD in (the "real American hero ones, heres to you Mr...") as a joke but we ended up sitting and listening to it for 2 whole hours and laughing until we cried...

Its the special moments that make Christmas special to me...I could care less about what I get as presents.  That being said, I hate that Kale seems to miss Christmas a lot.  This will be our 7th Christmas as a couple but we have only gotten to spend 3 together due to deployments and training.  I cant wait until we can make lots of holiday memories together that actually involve us being in the same place and hopefully with a family (not next year since even if I got pregnant right when they get back, we wont have a bambino by the time the holidays roll around)...

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