Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peppermint Trees

My Mom is funny, she always sees really cute crafty things but somewhere between seeing it and executing it, something goes wrong.  She was watching HGTV and saw this clip about how a cute craft project would be to get those Styrofoam cones then glue peppermint candies to them.  It seemed easy so we went and got the cones, peppermints, and Styrofoam glue because that is what the show called for...

She tried, and failed...the glue didn't work, then she tried spray adhesive, again fail.  She then let them sit out for 2 weeks, her 2 rows of gooey gross peppermints and then I arrive in Erie.  My first statement about it wasn't the most pleasant but then I ask "why didn't you just use a glue gun?"...her response? "It would melt the candy!!" I just kind of stared at her and shook my head then after wrapping my mind around her last statement I simply said "no it wont! Ill show you!" 

I went to my car and pulled my handy dandy glue gun out of my glove compartment...yes, seriously, and no I don't normally keep it there but a friend borrowed it and gave it back the night before I headed up to Erie so it never made it back into my house...and within less then 20 minutes, I had one complete.

All you do is simply glue and stick! I think they look super cute too...the ones that Mom saw on HGTV were placed on top of wide candle holders and they looked adorable, she didn't have any of those we still need to figure out where and how to display them.

We ran out of red so Mom went to the store to get more, and came back with 2 other kinds...the green ones and she found red, white,and blue ones so I made a green one real quick and I still need to make our "patriotic" one still.  It takes a lot more peppermints then I expected, the small ones took a little over 100! I didn't even bother to count the bigger ones! 
If you just plan to keep them for this holiday season, I would say you could display right away but if you are going to want to save them and use them next year, I would spray them with a protective clear finish so that bugs wont be attracted to it! 

Fun, easy, and a fast little craft project (if you use the right equipment!)

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