Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Darn you hot glue gun! Ornament Wreath Tutorial...

Call it stupid, or my OCD when things aren't perfect but when I would hot glue something into place and realize a nanosecond later that it wasn't lined up correctly, I would reach and grab the molten glued mass without hesitating...that is, until my brain registered the burning pain then I would squeal...now, repeat that at least 20 times and you've got what I did last night...

I decided to try my hand at an ornament wreath, Ive read some different tutorials and figured that I could wing it from there so, that I did...

What you need:
- hot glue gun
- ornaments in different sizes
-hanger or thick wire that you can use as the base

* the ornaments I got were from the dollar section in Target, I got 3 tubes of small ones, 4 tubes of medium, and 1 of the BIG bulbs...I didn't use all of them but I was going with a "better safe then sorry" mentality. *

Step One: Fight with Hanger

- Take your hanger and form it into the closest thing that will resemble a circle...I could only manage to get mine into a oval shape, that could be because I am weak and was tired, I would totally make Kale form it next time! Then untwist the top part (I did it by hand, I would suggest pliers).
Step 2: Glue ornaments to the tops
-In order to make sure that the ornaments stay put, I glued the lip/lid/thingy to the ornament bulb.  It made it so then if I put it outside, the wind wont blow the ornament off of the lip that is then glued to the wire...basically, an extra level to preserve your awesomeness....
Step 3: Making the wreath
-Thread the bulbs and glue them, try to position them so that you hide the wire and the glued on bulb tips, this seems easier said then done! It took me QUITE a while to do this so that it looked correctly.  Then I re-twisted the top, bent it so it was a mini loop and covered it with some ribbon to hang it from. (Pictured is the back side)

Step 4: Admire.
- Once your all done and let it dry, hang it up! For some reason it photographs really lopsided looking, but in person it doesn't look like that...
Step 6: Make another for your friend! I used more traditional Christmas colors for hers.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Less than $5 per wreath!!! Now to go ice my poor lil burnt finger tips...

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  1. I LOVE THIS! I'm definitely making one next payday :)


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