Monday, November 29, 2010

So many blogs, so little time...

How the heck did I get lost into "blogger world" for over 3 hours? How!?!? I'll tell you how, its because I am a giant sucker for craft projects!!!!

I spent so much time looking at different fun projects then I would check out different crafty blogs that they referenced and just kept going and going and going! I have so many craft projects written down it isn't even funny..I have recipes, Christmas decor, regular home decor, quick easy crafts, present ideas ranging from Christmas all the way to baby showers, party ideas, etc.  If I would have let myself, I would still be looking!

So many ideas, not enough time!! I hope to get to use some of the amazing tutorials that I discovered in my blogging-ness and will keep you updated on if I do make anything!

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