Sunday, April 17, 2011

Changing my garden plan

Before I left for my trip to Erie, I had bought a bunch of planters to use as my container vegetable garden. As my seedlings started growing in their greenhouse, I realized that they will most likely not grow well with how shallow the planters I got were.  So, before I left for our trip- I gave the seedlings, still in the greenhouse, a good watering and hope they survive the 2 weeks that I will be gone and started to think about how I will rework the garden so it'll actually be successful...

I figured it out, I'm flipping those seedlings UPSIDE DOWN! Thats right, Im going to have a primarily upside down garden! I think the topsy turvy things are pretty ugly but the idea is genius. 

I have 5 milk jugs that Im going to use, as well as some buckets that I plan to get from dunkin donuts, all for free! Well, technically the milk cost money but the jugs would have just been thrown away and I got them from friends and family so FREE! I think the milk jug is pretty ugly so Im going to spray paint it white (already have the spray paint from a previous project) and paint some cool designs with acrylic paint that I also already have!

I want to do:
-2 grape tomato plants
-1 roma tomato plants
-3 bell pepper plants
- 1 cucumber plant
- 1 jalapeno plant
- 2 zucchini plants

Once those are planted upside down, Ill grow the herbs on top including:

- mint
- cilantro
- basil
- Italian parsley

Also on top of the upside down plants will be some other vegetables:
-radish plants
-carrot plants

I'm going to cut the milk jugs that I have so far once I get back from my DC trip so that'll save me just that much time once I get to NC.  This is what I'm going to do the first full day back in NC, in addition to clean like a mad woman!

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