Thursday, April 7, 2011

Since complaining wont get us anywhere...

My facebook news feed is being blown up by statuses and articles about the government shut-down that is looming in our near future...although it seems that many statuses are about it, in actuality, it only seems to be my military friends- it doesn't seem to phase any of my civilian friends. Anyway...

It seems that we will most likely not be getting paid what we normally get- if anything, as much as I would like to bitch and moan about it, that's not gonna right now. What will help is making yourself as prepared as you can for Friday when the money runs out. 

Every branch has SOME type of relief society that offers INTEREST-FREE loans in case of emergency. News flash: this is an emergency! So before you go without food or chose not to pay your them! They are there to help and NO it wont look bad on your service member's record!

Also, there are a lot of military families- all the companies that you deal with whether it be your mortgage, water company, electric, credit card companies, they've dealt with military families.  If this shut down happens and you have bills that are due on the 15th, then give them a call...they might have put in a policy in the wake of this shut down to allow members to submit a late or partial payment but will waive the late fee...its worth checking! 

Remember, everyone is focusing on how we wont get our March 15th pay check but they if still cant decide on a budget, we can skip the April 1st one as much of your paychecks as you can! 

I always assumed we would get paid, but I'm so glad we chose to save up a lot of money in case of emergency anyway because we can go a few months without it effecting us but I know not everyone is that financially stable so just know there are options out there for you! 

You arent alone! Fingers crossed they fix the budget quick so we can get our money that we deserve and can put this whole ordeal behind us!

There is nothing we can do about this, our politicians clearly don't have their heads on straight so lets bunker down and ride this stupidly ridiculous experience out!

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  1. Totally Agree! There are programs our there to help so take advantage of them! Plus, their reporting that we will get backpay in later paychecks. We just got to prepare and pray for the best. best of luck !


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