Monday, April 25, 2011

Marine Corps Museum

 I went to the Marine Corps Museum with my sister and friend.  It is in Quantico and took me about an hour to get to from my aunts house. It was our last day in the DC area and it was a great way to wrap up the trip! 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the museum:
 Had to take a picture of the fox hole because Kale has living in one of these for a couple weeks while in Afghanistan!
 The exhibits were so cool! They had some great details and it was just overall amazing.
 I couldnt help it- I giggled a lot when I saw this.  They were talking about when they do gear inspections and they have the guys lay everything out on their racks.  Apparently they used to/still do in some units call it "junk on the bunk".  Its been far too long since Ive gotten some since this made me giggle like a little school girl!
 In the WWII part, they had a big section dedicated to the Marines and Navy who lost their lives.  They had walls of these symbols representing those who passed.

I loved the painting for the walls, very realistic! 

Overall it was a great time, if you are in the Quantico area I would recommend going! It was a blast!

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  1. Hi,
    I'm a new blogger and Marine wife. My husband is getting ready for a deployment, but he has mentioned more than once that he wants very much to go to the Marine Corps Museum some day. Hopefully we will soon. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Have a great week!



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