Friday, April 23, 2010

Dear USMC...make up your mind...

So, for the 4th day in a row, Kale was under the impression that he would get on ship that day, and for the 4th day in a row, he was wrong! Today though, he actually made it onto the little boat thing that takes them to the big ship, but the little boat had to many humvees and trucks on it so they kicked off the last one that was loaded which happened to be Kale's truck. So, no ship for him!! Im glad he is home, its so much better when he is, but man...what a waste of 4 days!!

Here's hoping that they just keep him here (that is the current plan) until he has to go to the field next week! But, since they couldnt make up their mind on when he was getting on ship all week, Im sure they will keep trying...they rarely give up!

Today was my last day of my expectations were that the kids would give lots of hugs and a few teachers would say good luck...what happened completely threw me off! I come into the gym and there is a big bag of yumminess from my teacher I worked with! Then throughout the day I got TONS of hugs, actually got knocked over by about 85 first graders giving me a group hug! Then the staff was so awesome and stopping me in the hall to give me little bits of encouragement for my future then I got a card from all the staff with a gift card to my favorite restaurant...its so sweet!!

Tonight is the elementary school's talent show and it should be fun, long but fun...I am hoping that Kale gets off work in time to come with me! Now I just have to finish my tri-fold presentation, my portfolio, and my exit presentation...then hello graduation!!

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