Thursday, April 22, 2010

How much McDonald's can Marines eat?

As I stood in McDonalds waiting for my 80 dollar order, I asked myself this question OVER and OVER! Kale was waiting to board ship and of course, they delayed it another day but instead of sending them home they made them sleep on the beach so I told him I would bring him dinner...and then I get a text message with 12 orders with the text following saying "people heard me say dinner and they requested an order" I go to McDonald's and the poor guy taking my order kept asking "anything else?" and finally, the grand total came to $80 bucks!!! 30 minutes later, my food was ready and I headed to drop it off...

The smell in my car was DISGUSTING!!! Having that much McD's in such a small area overwhelmed the senses!! So I get to where they are waiting and a bunch of Marines come to get their order and I hear "Thank you Mrs. Fisher for the food"....Mrs. Fisher? No one over the age of 11 has ever called me Mrs. Fisher...I told Kale that if one of his Marines ever calls me Mrs. again and not my first name, they are going to be in trouble!! It was just so funny to me!!!


I volunteered, well technically "volunetold" because it was part of our internship, at Special was so fun!! I loved it and really hope that I can volunteer with them some more!

Im currently waiting on the Schwan's man to deliver my order so I can leave and go meet my friend's baby- ABBY! She was born yesterday and looks sooo cute in the pictures, I cant wait to meet her in person...hurry up Schwan's man!

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