Sunday, April 25, 2010


I finished...I finished the 3 projects that needed to be finished to graduate...


I thought I would be more relieved to have them all finished but now, literally, nothing is standing in my way of graduation....I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!! WHERE DID TIME GO? IT FEELS LIKE I JUST GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!!

One project I turn in tomorrow, 2 other projects I present on Tuesday then come 2pm on Tuesday, I am done with school...D-O-N-E! I cant describe the excited because class is killer but terified because now I have to enter "the real world".

I know I am ahead of most people my age in the "entering the real world" phase since I am married, am a home owner, have an established savings account, etc. but when I was in school at least I was able to relate to my peers that there is no denying I am a full blown adult!

I also feel major pressure to find a job...which I would love a job, but there just are not any right now! With all the budget cuts to schools, the least on their mind is hiring PE teachers...the closest PE opening is about 4 hours away! Now, I say I feel a lot of pressure but its all from myself. My parents, who have paid for not only college but for my living expenses so that I didnt have to work while going to school have said NOTHING about me not having anything locked down, Kale who is the only one who brings in the income into our family hasnt said anything about making all the money...but I still feel like I need to find something, and quick! I know that I realistically wont be teaching next now I am working on my back up plans...I want to do something in the physical realm but deciding what is so difficult.

Personal Trainer- Im too out of shape to become one, I would have to get into shape, which takes time in order to get into the shape that I need to although this is doable, it isnt the immediate fix I desire.

Substitute- LOVE this option, but unless you have an "in" at a school, its hard to get called to sub. Now, if the county I did my student teaching in wasnt under a HIRING FREEZE, then I would be GOLDEN! But it is frozen and they arent hiring subs so I first need to take a 30 hour class to get my "subbing certification" and find some schools that would be willing to give me a shot...I hope this summer to get the class complete so I can network in time for the 2010-2011 school year to start!

YMCA, County Recreation, etc.- This is also a pretty desirable option but again, finding the openings will be tricky! So much of finding jobs is about knowing people and since I wasnt raised here, Im at a great disadvantage...

Its so frustrating, I am going to make an effort to go to schools and organizations with my resume next week and hope that there is an "un-announced" opening somewhere...

After graduation my life is so "up in the air". Im used to relying on class and all that comes with class to keep my busy while Kale is gone and although I have lots that I want to accomplish while he is away, I would feel so much better if I had a stable schedule...

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