Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pack...Say Bye...Say Hi...Laundry...REPEAT

That feels like my life right felt like just 2 weeks ago that Kale came home from training, oh was 2 weeks ago! He was at Ft. Pickett and now he is getting ready to go on ship then out to the field! He, of course is going to be missing my birthday for the 4th year in a row because of it...normally, I am okay and don't mind that he misses it, I know it isn't his fault but this year, I am bummed about it...I guess it doesn't help that he gets home the day after my birthday!

He has also been cleaning like a fool in "his" areas of the house...he picked up the garage and man cave all yesterday! Normally its like pulling teeth but he was so motivated yesterday! Then I realized, the day after he gets home, my parents arrive!! Obviously the last thing that he is going to want to do the day he gets back from 2 weeks of training is clean, good planning on his part to get it done with now!

I'm trying to convince him to go to the movies, I really want to see bounty hunter...but more importantly, i really want movie theater popcorn! haha!! I also want to take the pups on a walk...for being 7 and 10 pounds, you think it would be a breeze to walk them...but no! They pee on EVERY mailbox, bark at everything, and love tangling up the leashes, I think Kale and I spend more time getting them to actually walk then doing the actual walking!

Basically, I am coming up with any and every activity to avoid the inevitable...packing!! I hate packing days, even if he is only gone for a couple days...just the idea of having to pack up his things sucks because I know that it'll be just me for however long he is gone...I get way to bored when it is just me!

And this time, I actually am going to fully alone...normally, Jesse (our roommate) is here because he is broken and cant train with the rest of the guys but he is going home for a week so I wont have anyone that I can force to hang out with me!! Normally I break out the board games and make him play them with me, he hates it! I have already made my gym schedule though, and I have a ton of final projects I need to work on...I cant believe that I only have 2 more days of teaching left!!

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