Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait...

So like I said on Sunday, Kale was packing to go in the field/ship for 2 he leaves at 4:30 am and I get a text at 4:30 pm saying that he is coming he comes home and tells me how the people in charge couldn't figure out the plan so they are gonna try to work something out then he goes in Tuesday morning and the same thing happens!!! So he left this morning, and I really think that this time is going to stick!! So all that running around to pack was a waste seeing he got 2 extra days!!

It was awesome having those extra two nights with him...i just sleep so much better when he is around!! I had a plan to get all these projects for school done but I would much rather watch TV with Kale!! The pups really enjoyed the extra time too...we took them on a walk yesterday and they LOVED it.

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