Friday, July 30, 2010

My dogs are awesome!

Man, I love my pups...they amuse me to no end and I love watching the weird things that they do it better! I try to catch as many as those moments as I I thought if I find them amusing, so must everyone else! (kind of like parents with their kids...) So without making you wait any longer to see the worlds cutest dogs...enjoy!

Cujo lacks serious personal space...unfortunately this is a common occurrence during nap time! And my husband who also enjoys the crazy antics of the pups, is always willing to grab the camera and click away! 
Again, personal space is non-existent in our house! I love how I dont wake up when he is covering my face with his body anymore!

 Coop was NOT happy about having to be in this while we flew! He was BEGGING to get outta it!

Coop sleeps in the most uncomfortable looking positions! Oh and this was when he was really sick and had to get an IV hence the bandage! 

PUPPY RUN!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cujo wedged himself in between the pillows, then slept that way....

All ready to move to our new house!!! "Helping" pack! 

Coop was not thrilled that it was little Devil!

Anyway...those are some of my favorite random pictures of the pups!!! Im sure yall will quickly get sick of my how many pictures I post of them...but hey! They are my kids!!!


  1. I saw that you stopped by and entered my giveaway on "The Dill-io" and I am such a sucker to share in the Military Wife/Blogger Love, so welcome!! And pls stop and enter the other giveaways I have listed on the blog!!! Just click on the giveaways tab at the top of the blog!!

  2. They are so cute!! Lucy needs to meet them. They can all be friends. How did the flying thing go with Coop? I am thinking at some point we will be doing it with Lucy. I was going to give her something to knock her out though. On the plane could you take him out an hold him?

  3. Melissa- yep, a puppy date will be a must!

    And nope, we didnt drug them, although you could give them baby benadryl to make them have to keep them in their carrier the whole time which stinks but I would just stick my hand into it and pet him if he started to whimper...the only thing that REALLY sucks is that it costs 100 bucks each way for them to time Kale and I paid 160 ROUND TRIP for our tickets and had to pay 200 ROUND TRIP for both of the dogs, each!


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