Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cujo braves the high seas....

of Lake Erie that is! 

Cujo, our 1 year old Havanese (or as most people say...Hava-what!?) went swimming for the first time! I always told Kale that I want them to go swimming when we go home but knowing my was going to be quite the nightmare experience.  

Coop, our 2 year old Maltese is a very non-outdoor dog! We got him from a family that had him with his mother until the day we picked him up, always inside, etc. Then we trained him on puppy pads because we lived on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex and I wasn't comfortable with taking him out in the middle of the night (Hubs was, once again, deployed!) so he would really only get out in the morning to do his business and our evening 2 mile walk...he doesn't do rain, or wind, or anything else besides sunshine! He would rather hold it all day then get sprinkled on!

So, with this less than thrilled attitude that Coop would have to go swimming, I figured I better take precautions.  I was convinced Coop would be so miserable in the water that instead of swimming he would just let himself drown! Thus...A LIFE JACKET WAS NEEDED!

Cujo is more of a outdoor-ish dog! He  loves doesn't mind getting wet and always comes in with muddy fur from rolling around in the dirt...basically a typical boy!! So I knew that I would test the life jacket/ swimming experience with Cujo first! 

So I bought the life jacket, took Cujo to the beach, carried him far enough where the waves wouldn't crash on him (which I totally wasn't expecting to be waist deep...I was thinking knee area!)  and let him go! 

He paddled right to shore and shook I made him do it a couple more times...he seemed to not mind it, so up next...Coop's turn! That will be this weekend....I'm sure his experience will be a lot more exciting then Cujo's....

But, enjoy some lovely photos of my baby boy's first time swimming!

Enjoying the life jacket!
Round 2: Like I said, I wasn't expecting to actually have to go into the water!

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  1. Too cute! I will have to get Lucy a life jacket.


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