Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh the neglect!

So, I totally havent been blogging- I just dont have much to say...well, I do but by the time I get done with said activities that seem blog-worthy...I usually am too tired! Some of the more interesting things that happened in the last couple weeks were:

1. Jayne Wayne day: Its basically "take your wife to work" day but instead of sitting around waiting on word, we got to do fun things- lots of fun things@! I shot guns (MULTIPLE), rode in an LAV, got to climb all over and inside helicopters, tanks, random vehicles, etc.

2. Our A/C broke! We have 2 seperate systems, and our upstairs one kicked the wouldnt have been to bad since the master bedroom is on the first floor but we had guests, that had to sleep upstairs in the guest rooms...oh and to add to it, the heat index was over 100! It took 6 days to fix, right in time for our guests to leave...i felt so bad!

3. Im in Erie, PA! For the entire month....Kale has training for most of the month of July and I have to throw a bridal shower and attend a wedding during that time all in Erie so I decided it would be easier (and cheaper- hello gas prices!) to just stay in Erie the whole time instead of driving back for the weekends...

Um, yeah, thats basically it...I swear once I get this crazy summer over with, I will be a much better blogger!

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