Monday, July 26, 2010

Eek, its been a week!

Man, I havent posted in a week but surprisingly I havent had time too! Monday-Thursday one of my great friend's Emma came to visit...she just got a new puppy, her name is Potato! We had tons of fun and I showed her around Erie and introduced her to various Erie customs such as 50-50 tickets, Stag and Drags, Pepperoni Balls, Sponge Candy, and some other random things! 

Then once Emma left, it was full speed ahead for setting up for my best friend's bridal shower! We had 2 crazy days of setting up, baking, cooking, assembling, etc.  But the party went off without a hitch and everyone really enjoyed it! 

I of course havent uploaded the pictures yet so youll just have to wait! But on an exciting note- Kale gets to come home on leave for the wedding he is in! He will get in late Wednesday night and we will hopefully get to stay for a full week! 

I'm ready to be back in my house but more importantly Im ready to be back with my husband!

Stay tuned this week for pictures from the bridal shower, and I want to take Coop swimming now that he got groomed!

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