Monday, July 19, 2010

I never thought I would say this...

but I miss the chores of my house! As much as I HATE (seriously, I cant think of many things I dislike doing less) cleaning my house, after being away for 2 weeks...I have the incredible urge to clean and rearrange my house...if only it wasn't 700 miles away! 

(and please dont remind me of this desire when I actually get back...I'm sure the moment will have passed haha)

I guess this little forever long trip to my parents recharged my domestic batteries! The few weeks before coming up I had no motivation to clean, do any of my DIY projects, gardening, go the gym, or cook (which I love to do!), I just wanted it to magically do itself!

When I get back in August, my goal is to get the painting of the bathroom done- we are big University of Kentucky fans (Hubs wardrobe consists of UK shirts and shorts, then a handful of "nice clothes", on any given day- you could bet that at least 1 of us is wearing something UK-ish) and our upstairs bathroom is I think I'm going to make it a UK themed bathroom! Its the upstairs bathroom right near the man cave so it would be perfect! 

I figure, go big or go home although I am having some trouble picking out paint colors...I would love to do "Kentucky Blue" but so many of the accessories will be that blue that I think it might be too much of a "blob of blue" So I was thinking maybe just doing a stripe of blue with the rest being white walls...I dont know...any suggestions?

As for accessories, itll be ALL UK, ALL THE TIME

Then I will decorate with some of the pictures I have from various games that we went to, I figure frame them and hang them up...

So that is my project for when I get home in August...and hopefully my domestic-ness doesn't go away again!!

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  1. My dad is from Kentucky and my parents are HUGE UK fans. They'd love this idea! =)


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