Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy Weekend Coming Up!

We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us...

In about an hour (Friday at noon) Kale will be dismissed from work and not have to go back in until Tuesday night!! This will be his "pre-deployment leave" and although it doesn't make up for the 2 weeks that was planned but its better then nothing!!

For the rest of the day today we are going out to lunch and probably picking up the house (fun right??)

Saturday- my parents arrive! We will probably just hang around and catch up with them.

Sunday- DATE NIGHT! This is what I am so excited for! We get to go on a date night with the Vogels!! We are going for sushi and then out for drinks! I'm so excited about this because we never get to go out just the 4 of us! We are their baby sitters so if they go out, we watch the kids! But my mom is going to watch their children so we are so thrilled to get that "couple time" together actually out and not at one of our houses! Oh and in the morning, Kale's 2 friends- Matt and Shawn arrive!! They are so much fun that I know we will have such a great time with them!! We will be busting at the seams of our house though! Were gonna put the guys in the man cave since we only 2 guest rooms and my parents and sister will be here! 

Monday- Lake Leamon! We will be going to the lake to enjoy one last time swimming and the guys will be jumping off that tower that they love so much!!

Tuesday- Kale goes back to work at 6pm so Matt and Shawn will be going back up to PA so after saying bye to them I hope we can do something fun- like go bowling or putt putt.  

And then, full speed ahead to deployment, yuck! But I'm gonna enjoy the weekend and enjoy time with our family and friends and make some memories that I will look back on throughout deployment!

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