Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things to look forward to...

Kale left Thursday, Ive just been relaxing and trying to enjoy having alone time since for the past 6 months we have had roommates, house guests, and family here constantly.  So, I am just enjoying being on my own schedule right now...I figure this will last a week until I get really bummed that he is gone...Im already bummed but at least I am able to distract myself with enjoying the quiet...

That being said, in the next few weeks, I have a lot to keep me busy...and military ladies know..when you are busy, time flies by! So, I thought I would list all the things I am looking forward to in the next couple weeks to keep my spirits up!

Sept 22-26: Vegas with my Dad, we always watch those car auction shows on TV and he wanted to go to this really big one at the MGM Grand and asked if I wanted to, of course I want to go to Vegas!! Ive never been so Im really excited...the blackjack table and the pool are calling my name already! We are staying at Circus has an amusement park inside!

Oct 1-4: Family Reunion, I looooove this weekend and look forward to it all year.  We don't have boring family reunions, I am blessed with an amazing family who can always keep me entertained! We all rent cabins in the middle of no-where Pennsylvania (Cooks Forest) and we do all sorts of fun activities, and each year is always the same. Friday- everyone arrives, sit around camp fire and catch up Saturday- canoeing, hiking, perch fry, grave yard trip Sunday- some people leave but we are staying an extra night and we cook a big brunch, hike some more, and make smores Monday- we leave....although we do the same thing every year, it is so much fun!!! The "worst" part is that there is no cell service which is great since we all get to "unplug" and relax but having no way to communicate with a deployed hubby is no beuno!

Oct 6-10: Fort Myers FL! My 2 best friends- Dani and Ashley and myself will be flying down to FL and we are so excited! Dani's parents have a condo down there that we get to stay at (aka FREE LODGING!), they have a car down there that we get to use (FREE TRANSPORTATION) and they said we could charge their account at the club house for our meals (FREE FOOD!) basically all we have to pay for it our tickets (130 bucks round trip!)...can you think of a better vacation!??! Its going to be a lot of sitting by the pool, tanning, and enjoying time with my lovely ladies!

(This picture cracks me up...its from my bachelorette party...I was cheesing!)
Oct 16: Dani's bachelorette party- we are going to do a spa day (AMAZING!) then go out to a dueling piano show! We aren't doing the traditional bar crawl, because Dani doesn't drink so we thought a relaxing but fun day would be perfect! I mean, who wouldnt love massages, pedicures, etc!

October 22-24: Dani's wedding weekend!! She is getting married on Saturday! Im her Maid of Honor...she was mine too! I am so excited for her, and to be a part of her if only I can come up with a great speech!

October 31- Halloween...I love Halloween, enough said!

So, as you can see...Ill be pretty busy for the next few is hoping it flies by!

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