Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jane Wayne Day 2010

or as I like to call it "Take Your Spouse to Work Day"

The hubs unit had Jane Wayne Day in July, and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! It was all of the "fun" things that come with their job and I had a blast...I kept joking throughout the day "When does the playing video gaming or napping begin?" since that is seemingly all they do during the day when they aren't training...

My husband is training to go on the 26th MEU so Jane Wayne Day not only featured the Infantry stuff that my husband does but other equipment that will be on the MEU as well...

When we got there, we signed those waiver (if you die, don't sue us...) and we got a dog tag to wear that our FRO had made for the day! Then, they had the "war paint" station where you could choose to put on...

Most wives were passing up the station, or just putting those 2 little lines under the eyes (you know, like football players!)...but that was not good enough for the Wpns Co husbands...THEY DECKED US OUT!!
After that, we loaded up the buses and headed over to one of the ranges...there was so much to do! They had lots of displays, we could climb in and around tanks, helicopters, mine sweepers, humvees, etc. And my group of friends and I took full advantage of that opportunity! We climbed on everything, put anything on that we could, and pressed lots and LOTS of buttons! 

In addition to all the static things, they also were offering LAV (Land Assault Vehicle) rides so of course we HAD to do one! So you had to wear a flack jacket and a helmet for the ride and as we suited up, I noticed the guys weren't gearing up- they refused to go...and said "You'll see why!" And with that, we loaded up and off we went....
Man, those guys were was so bumpy! I think the driver was steering it a little crazy too though!!!! That is something I could go the rest of my life without doing again...Up next...COMPETITION!!!! The FRO had set up a competition so a group of 5 wives from each company competed to see which company would win Jane Wayne Day! We had to carry ammo cans, take apart then put back together a gun, throw a fake grenade into a box, crawl, then run back with the ammo cans! 

The guys from the husband's company always say "If you aint Weapons, you aint s***" we knew we couldn't disappoint of course....

WE WON! AND WE WON BY A LOT!!!!! After that, we were starving...they had burgers and hot dogs but the guys said we couldn't eat them and that we had to eat....MREs! The guys helped pick out the least disgusting good ones and off we went to start cooking our lunch...I had the pot roast, it was...interesting....

Then came the fun part...WE GOT TO SHOOT STUFF!!!!!!!!!! We were able to shoot a SAW, M-16, and the little grenade launcher thing! It was awesome, although after 100 rounds in the SAW, I was over it...I thought it stunk!! So the hubs jumped in finished the last 100! 

All in all, it was an awesome day! One of the best Jane Wayne Days that I have ever heard of!! For all those military spouses, have you ever gone to a Jane Wayne Day? What was yours like?! I hope we have another one next year after deployment!


  1. I've always wanted to! But it's always on a weekday. Of course, they can't move it to the weekend because that would mean the husbands would have to work on a Saturday, and that'd be even worse, but still... maybe I'll call in sick for the next one lol.

  2. I'm attending my first one this week, what should I wear?


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