Friday, August 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Were back in our feels so good! I forgot how much I love my King bed!! I also enjoyed (kinda) the cleaning that took place the day after I got back!! Now, we are just hanging out!

I really need to garden because it is FULL of weeds...I don't even think it is salvageable! I'm going to just take it all out and see if I can find some cheap annuals to fill some space until it gets cold and everything dies...again!

On my agenda for the weekend:
Friday- well, I dont have the keys to my car so NOTHING!
Saturday- baby shower, grocery shopping, and Sams Club is having free entry with no membership so I want to go there to check it out!
Sunday-  babysit baby Braxtyn and big sister Kylea because my friend LeShea and her hubby Taylor are celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary!

I'm pretty excited and I haven't forgotten about the pictures I need to post, I will get to them next week...PROMISE!!!

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