Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So, I have arrived back to NC and have no plans in the near future to go on any long, extended trips to anywhere! Erie was a great time but I am so glad to be back in my own home.  When I got in, it was raining pretty hard so I put off unloading the car until that next day...

The easiest way for me to unpack is to just unload it all into the living room and have one big pile as opposed to taking bags from my car and putting them directly into the room they belong...does that make sense? If there is one big pile, I will get motivated quicker to make that pile disappear as opposed to just small piles in each room that wouldn't bother me to put it away...

Well, after emptying my car...AKA a Toyota Camry so not a BIG car, this is my pile that needs to be put away....

Yep- 2 big bags of clothes, tons of bags from shopping, 2 end tables still in the box, 2 bar stools still in the box, a big box of food items, and see those cute half-flower door mats on the bottom? They were originally 9.99, on clearance for 3.99, then with an additional percentage off clearance my Mom paid just $1.99 for it! Its really high quality too, so I now have 2 of them!!! 

Needless to say, unpacking all of this is going to stink, that is usually where Kale excels- he loves putting new stuff where it belongs.  Me? I could care less by the mess.  Its going to be hard to stay motivated to put it all away in the same day but Im so glad to be back in my own home!!


  1. Yay for shopping trips and being home!

    I also unpack like that, except mine is usually a pile in the kitchen lol

  2. My house still basically looks like this. For the party Friday I just shoved it all in our front room which makes me even less motivated to put it away since I NEVER go in there. Lol.


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