Monday, January 24, 2011

I got yelled at...

on base...for being in "inappropriate civilian attire"....

Yes, I technically WAS not in proper clothing but I was wayyyyy better dressed then anyone else around at that time! It was also almost closing time so no one "important" was even around! 

I respect that the Marine Corps wants the people that represent them (the Marines, spouses, etc.) to look acceptable and that is why they have standards but if you are going to have such rules, either enforce them all the time or don't.  I felt like I was singled out by this woman while others looked worse then I did and she said nothing.  I must have looked approachable to her so she felt more comfortable yelling at me..

Oh and my outfit? I was in long black workout pants, a pink workout shirt, with a black track jacket over it- zipped up.  No cleavage showing, no ripped clothing, my hair was tied back neatly.  It wasn't the "pajama" style track suit, I would have worn this to teach in (granted, I teach PE but still...) I was in PT gear, that isn't allowed but people do it all the time and look way worse then I did! If I had had my cute nice checkered coat on over top, my pants would have been mistaken for dress pants, i guarantee it!

 I took a picture with my phone, I really need to invest in a full length mirror!

The kicker...while I was getting told "I should have you leave but Ill let you through this one time..." I saw 2 people in pajama pants- patterns and all, a male with a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, and a woman who was FALLING out of her shirt- I'm pretty sure I saw a nip slip in the 10 seconds I was looking at her...yet I am the one who gets yelled, NO! Not fair! 

It just pushed my buttons, like I said- I know that I wasn't in the right attire, but that woman should have stopped EVERYONE to tell them, and not just me. 


  1. Ugh, that's ridiculous! I hate when they do stuff like that. What you're wearing is fine. I've seen women in that (knowing they WERE going to teach PT or do PT, but that's beside the point), who wear it to the skanky part. Where's this woman, I want to rip her a new one!!!

  2. I understand there are standards but when you are fully clothed and nothing is ripped, then it should be acceptable. If they are going to say something it should be pointed to the ones with short skirts on where you see butt cheeks, and shirts that you see cleavage. That would defintely upset me and i would of have said something if that was me.

  3. WOW that is just ridiculous. I think what you were wearing is just fine. I have seen a thousand times worse stuff and have never heard of anyone actually getting stopped. She must have been jealous of you!

  4. Wow, what was wrong with that lady? What you were wearing is absolutely acceptable!

  5. That's so ridiculous! Obviously there are super trashy people everywhere on base and I KNOW they don't all get yelled at. I got yelled at yesterday too, but it was the duty NCO at the barracks haha.


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