Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just another day in paradise...

So, before I get comments about "he deserves it" stuff  read this...because trust me, I know he does! I NEVER said he didn't!! Kale got a port call for the first time since he boarded at the end of the August back in December and he just sent me pictures...

All I can say it, for those days that he was there...I totally got the short end of the deployment stick! Every other day, he gets the short end since he is cramped, confined, cant go where he wants, etc.

But for a couple days, this is where he got to "rough it"

Yep, you see that correctly- a pool! But that is not all...
Look at that view!!! OMG! So awesome!!! I can only hope that Kale used sunscreen but knowing him, he didn't!
Not only can you see the pool, but you can also see the ocean too! A-freaking-MAZING! 

I told Kale that I hoped he got to wear his "Bahama pants" as he likes to call it since he didn't get to wear them on our planned Bahama trip (yes, Im still bitter...)

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