Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year- New Blog (kind of...)

I changed my blog name! No longer am I "Surviving and Thriving", well...technically I still am but I changed the name! I also, switched my background which if anyone remembers when I tried to do that a while ago (you don' was a nightmare, I almost cried- but instead blogged about it here) but this time, I am proud to report, I had NO problems! Technology and I are at an even 1-1 against each other! 

With the new layout, its super close to the font color that I had been my previous posts, you are just going to have to highlight to read them because I am way too lazy to go back and change it all so that its easier to read...sorry! Unless someone knows how I can change it all at the same time (anyone...anyone...?) 

So, the focus will be the same for this new blog, aka, just my random life happenings but I felt "Surviving and Thriving" wasn't going to describe what I wanted for the blog because once deployment ends, we are hoping to have quite a while (hear that Marine Corps...a WHILE, like more then a year please!) so I thought a simple change to "My Life:Marine Wife" would be perfect! 

Bring it on 2011...I have great hopes for this year.  It started off with a bang too- I got to web chat with Kale!! Oh and the most exciting thing about the new year....KALE COMES HOME THIS YEAR! (granted its still 5 months away...but THIS YEAR!)


  1. Love the new name Colleen, and the background is very cute.

  2. I love the new look!

    To change the font is pretty easy. I usually do it with every new layout lol You go to "design", then click on "template designer" in the top right hand corner. After that click on "advanced" and it gives you options for the font! I hope that wasn't complicated and easy to understand!!

  3. Heather- You are a lifesaver! Thanks so much, I would have never figured that out!!

    I also have fabric in this pattern and when I saw the layout, I squealed like a little girl!


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