Monday, November 15, 2010

2 letters!

I got two letters in the mail...from Kale!!!

If anyone knows Kale- this is a jaw-dropping statement! It was torture at boot camp- not because of all the PT or the crazy guys yelling at you all the time but because he had to ::gasp:: write letters to communicate with me!!

Kale not only has freakishly tiny writing so that when he writes for more then a few sentences his hand start to cramp but his mind goes way quicker then his hand so more times then not he will leave some very important chunks of words out of a sentence so it makes no sense.  Ive gotten to the point in almost 6 years (our 6 years is on Friday!) that I am able to figure out what "I love cook pasta you!" actually means is "I love to cook pasta with you" and that is an easier example...some take me a couple minutes to figure out!

Anyway- he opened the letter with a paragraph about how he TYPED the letter into a word document to correct his spelling and to make sure he had complete sentences an then from that point hand wrote it onto the paper that he sent, all so that I couldn't make fun of him for skipping so many words and all was so funny, I totally would have made fun of him too! He knows me so well..

Its funny how we talk almost every day through email and AIM but getting an actual hand written card (even if I do need a magnifying glass to read the tiny print) is just so amazing!! It totally made my week!!

These letters spurred me to go and find my boot camp letters that he wrote me...I want to put them in like a bound book or something- or at least some of them...

Anyway, YAY! That is my excitement for today!!! I was gonna write about my weekend trip to DC but that will have to wait!

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