Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 weeks down, around 25 to go!

No not of deployment...I would die if I was only 2 weeks down, I'm almost to the 3 month mark actually! But I'm talking about my work outs! My fitness plan...

After my miscarriage, I may have stifled my emotions by shoving any type of food in my mouth at any given time...I had managed not to gain any weight during my actual pregnancy for those 9 weeks but in the 4 weeks after, I managed to gain a couple pounds...I was already above where I wanted to be when I got pregnant so overall...I really hated my body! Exhibit A on the love of food...

So after I got over my food-induced comfort, I decided that I am not gonna sit and wallow with my Ben and Jerry's but I'm gonna get my body into SMOKIN' shape so that when Kale gets home- his jaw WILL drop and he will be dying to make us another baby! 

For the last 2 weeks, I have been going to the gym 6 days out of the week, the few days started a little slow but now that I have my ever wonderful workout buddy- Ive stepped it up! We have tried different classes at the base gym and I found that, for me at least, I work way harder while in a fitness class then when I just work out on my own...I think I might try to take classes 4-5 times a week then my 1-2 other days do it on my own!

The scale says I have lost 4 pounds already...I don't see it anywhere, to me I look exactly the same...I think I will need to wait until I lose some weight in my face for it to be noticeable for me...and I'm an idiot and didn't take before pictures, i weight myself every morning but nope, didn't think to take a picture...I think each month though I will take a bikini picture to see my progress.  I may or may not subject you to see those unsightly pictures for the first few months..

My goal is so that Kale doesn't see many pictures of me until he sees me at homecoming....I know, sounds crazy but I mean like me in tight fitting clothes mostly! Since winter is knocking at our door, it will be easy since I will be bundled up in layers, then early spring is still a little nippy so I think it will be perfect timing for a great reveal! Give or take a couple weeks (since we don't have a homecoming window) I have about 25 to achieve my goal!

You better believe I will be in the cutest, tight, little dress I can find for homecoming! I figure since I cant be 9 months pregnant at homecoming anymore that being as fit as possible is the next best thing!

So, bug the crap out of me, keep me sticking to my plan...I want to update every 2 weeks, maybe once a week through the holidays....keep me honest people!!!

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