Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Psh, You're Old!

The Marine Corps that is! Happy 235th Birthday!!!! I feel so blessed to have met some of the most amazing people in the last 5 years and it is all thanks to the Marine Corps! I have people who I can count on in any situation...

I love the fact that not only has my husband been given tons of men that he can call his brothers, but that I can call them family as well.  These guys would do anything to help, in any way they can and I am so blessed to have such an amazing Marine Corps family.  If Kale is at training or deployed, I will have people that are on the remain-behind party call to make sure that I am okay and if I need anything.  Guys who have since gotten out contact me to not only check on Kale but to see how I am doing...its amazing having such a great group of guys who always have my back!

Not only did I gain a ton of brothers, but the amount of sisters that I have is truly remarkable.  I'm on an online forum of Marine isnt the normal catty, rude, fighting over everything forum that seems to be the "norm" these days...I can truly say that I am in the company of amazing women when I am on there.  A while back I posted about my friend Chrissy who's boyfriend was killed in Afghanistan...she is apart of the forum I belong to and the response that occurred afterwords from the members really cemented the fact that we truly are sisters.  I cant imagine navigating the Marine Corps without them...I know that no matter what I need, I will have someone there to help. 
I dont always love the Marine Corps but I will always love what they gave me- a family.  Happy Birthday Marine Corps- 235 years and you are still as great as ever!!! 

I am proud to be a Marine Wife! Semper Fi!

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