Friday, November 19, 2010

6 years!

Today- November 19th is 6 years since Kale and I started dating! I was 16, had just gotten my license a few days before- and almost killed both of us with my sucky driving multiple times (I'm better know, I swear...), obviously wasn't looking for anything serious....and now...

Here we are! We have survived high school at rival schools,boot camp, being long distance while I was at college and he was at Camp Lejeune for 2 years, moved in together before we got married, got a puppy, survived 2 deployments, bought a house while he was in Afghanistan, got married, got another puppy, got pregnant, Kale deployed for the 3rd time, lost the baby, and now we are here! I wouldn't want to be any other place...

We started dating during my junior year, his senior year...This is from Kale's high school graduation (all pictures before that aren't on any computers, Ill have to scan some in!), the day before I had gotten a spray tan, and wouldn't you know it even though I followed the directions of the tanning lady perfectly- I CAME OUT was awful....dont laugh too hard...
After graduation, Kale went to a local Penn State campus so he was still in Erie! This is from my senior homecoming dance- I love this picture, its one of my ton 10 of him and I! I wish I was that blond, tan and tiny again!! His sideburns crack me up...he loved having them super long!
Then Kale shipped out  to boot camp a month before my high school graduation...I was so naive then, I had myself all convinced that they would let him leave boot camp and he was gonna surprise me at the ceremony...I know have a big ol' laugh at myself for ever thinking that...but that night I was so devastated that he wasn't there...but a week before heading off to college, he graduated, and I was able to go! Such a great day- but he was SO different then when he left...I was so worried how this was going to affect us! 
1 year, and 1 week later, he deployed...I cried for hours...for days was awful, I made myself miserable!! I learned a lot about myself that deployment....the first is deployment day and the second is homecoming!
After first deployment ended, I had one more semester at UK before I transferred to a college in NC and moved into our first apartment together! We had both never lived "on our own" before- I was always at my parents or a dorm and he was either at his parents or the barracks....Our apartment was a mess for like a month trying to sort it all out!
Then, 6 months later, he deployed, Afghanistan...7 looooong months later he came back! 
Then we got married on July 11, 2009, what an amazing day! 
We re-enlisted for 4 more years in the Marine Corps and Kale committed to doing at least 1 more deployment with his current unit...he left at the end of August...
Well, that's us in the last 6 years! Now if only he could get his butt home so next year when its 7 we have something else to add (cough bump)

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