Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just call me Betty Crocker!

So, over on Our Best Bites they have a recipe for Color burst cupcakes.  They look super cute and delicious. I had to make them but I didn't have any event to make them for.  Then I got invited to a baby shower and I offered to bring the cupcakes.  My friend Emma came down for close to a week and I forced asked her to help! We were both skeptical, we thought the colors would mush to make ugly brown color cupcakes but they didn't...they turned out cute!! 

They don't look exactly like how it did on the tutorial but I like how our version doesn't have super straight lines and the colors sort of blend. 

What you need:
- cake batter (we used boxed, the assembling is kind of involved so I didn't want to go the extra mile and make homemade batter)
-food coloring (we used red, yellow, green, and blue)
-frosting, we made the Perfect Cupcake Frosting, Ill probably blog about that- it was an interesting experience. 
1. Divide the batter into 4 even amounts (since we used 4 colors)

2. Scoop one-two tablespoons of a color into the muffin tins, add another color on top and repeat until all the colors are used.  

3. Bake based off what the recipe for the batter calls for.  

4. Let cool then frost- or if you are Emma and I, bust one open the second you can to see how cool it is! 

5. Enjoy- we made about 2 dozen and ate them for the next 4 days.  So worth the calories!!

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  1. oooo I am so going to do these and I am now following that other blog! lol


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