Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picking the perfect homecoming outfit Part 1: A look back....

The outfit that Kale sees me in for the first time since he left is ALWAYS near impossible for me to find! I mean, you want to look amazing, but it still be appropriate for the event. 

I find it so weird when I see people wearing formal-ish dresses to homecomings.  Its almost like they were wearing their high school homecoming dresses- you know, the satin ones.  They would be great for date night at a real pricey restaurant...not so great for standing around in for hours waiting for your Marine to finally be home! 

1st deployment send-off was in August but it was REALLY early in the morning, we had to be there at 3am.  Since the sun wasn't up yet (nor was any sane person....), it wasn't super hot and muggy yet.  I was able to get away with wearing capris and a V-neck and being perfectly comfortable- not too hot, not too cold.
1st homecoming was the last day in January so it was a tad chilly.  Not super cold but I was able to wear jeans and a sweater and didn't entirely freeze my butt off. 

2nd deployment send-off, I was an ice cube.  We got there around 6pm for an 8-9pm send off...well, 1am rolls around and the buses finally show up! I would have loved all that extra time with Kale way more if it wasn't in the 30's and windy.  I will say, when we left the house it was in the 50's so had the temperature not dropped so much, I would have been fine!I was in jeans, and a long sleeve shirt, with my fleece jacket over it. The progression of how zipped up I am makes me laugh, It started just zipped up a little, then zipped all the way, then clutching together for extra warmth! 
2nd homecoming was June 1st- so it was hot.  It was also in the middle of the day which meant super sunny, super humid, and overall just grossly hot! I found a dress the day before that wasn't going to cling to my body since I didn't want to feel super gross once I started sweating, it was patterned so if it sweat soaked through, you wouldn't be able to notice as well as a solid color dress, and the color made my eyes really pop! The only thing was that it was a little short because I had to get it in petite since they didn't have my size in regular.  I knew I wouldn't be jumping on Kale but I didn't think of how much "lift" my dress would do when he hugged me tight...I probably only had about 2-3 inches of fabric past my toosh so thankfully Kale didn't squeeze too hard or else some folks would have got a little show!
See what I mean? Almost a peep show!! Thankfully, I can say "almost" and not have an embarrassing story to tell y'all!

So, this homecoming, I feel like I'm leaning toward another dress but I'm worried about length, I feel like if I went longer then this dress, that anytime he wasn't hugging me and causing the dress to lift up a little, that it will hit me in a weird place...I want patterned again but I think I want to lean toward pink this time since I noticed I wore blue to both previous homecomings...I want to wear these cute summery wedge heels that I bought YEARS ago and don't think Ive ever worn.  They are a medium tan color so I think they will go with whatever dress I get.  My hair will be down, and hopefully depending on the time of homecoming, I will be able to go to the spa and get a "Wash and Style", I did that last time and it helped me stay calm and the day to go by quicker!

Part Two will be showcasing dresses that Ive found online that I think may work, or if I have time to go to an actual mall, then Ill take pictures of ones that I find that I like. I have a few months to figure it out but not too far away that I seem crazy for thinking about it already! Yay!


  1. is the option of a skirt and a cute top in there at all??

  2. My marine gets home in a couple months and I just came across this. I think its hilarious that someone else worrys about what they wear as much as I do!! I cant decide between jeans and a cute top and a dress haha. Last year I wore a strapless dress and it kept slipping down the whole night..similair to your peep show incident! Keep me posted with what you go with. I'm so excited for you! Best feeling in the world for sure :) Semper Fi



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