Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love his voice!

I got a phone call last weekend.  I'm not gonna lie- I had an internal freak out for the first minute because I wasn't expecting to hear from him for quite a while and it had only been 2 weeks.  My immediate thought was "OMG, something happened..." because last deployment the CO (Commanding Officer) would say that if a Marine was injured, if he was able to tell you what happened then he would be the one to notify you.  Once I realized he wasn't hurt, I was so excited to talk to him! 

It was a quick call- the SAT phone seemed to be a "traveling" phone that was going around to the different areas where the guys were so it was a long line so we talked for 3 minutes.  He just melts my heart- his opening line (after hello) "wow, you sound awful"! I couldn't help but giggle, then told him how I had strep throat- he was shocked that I actually went to the doctor and just didn't self diagnose myself (I really hate the doctor!) and he was also concerned with who was taking care of me.  I assured him the dogs were doing a great job at cuddling with me all day! 

He also asked how my Pampered Chef business was going.  The last time I talked to him I had a minor freak out and thinking I would be horrible at it so him asking made me feel really great! 

Kale sounded great, he said he was taking lots of pictures!! He also said that last deployment but magically "lost" the memory card so I am not holding my breath to see pictures but who knows! 

The 3 minutes felt like 3 seconds and he had to pass the phone off to the next person! It totally made my day, week, heck even month!!

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