Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras-New Orleans flashback!

Its Fat Tuesday! I plan on indulging in some fried chicken strips and cupcakes today! I live life on the edge...

When Kale and I were down in New Orleans this past May we kept talking about how awesome it would be to be here during Mardi Gras! Since we aren't there, I thought I would look back on our photos and remember the fun times we had there!!

Our trip was for his brother's memorial service- we flew into New Orleans, stayed overnight, drove to Lafayette for 5 nights, drove back and stayed in New Orleans for another night then flew out the next morning.  So we only spent 2 days in New Orleans so we decided to live it up those 2 days!

I told Kale that I would take care of the hotel situation and decided to surprise him with staying at the Harrah's hotel so that Kale could be close to the casino.  I had told Kale previous to arriving that I didn't know if we would have time to go to the casino a lot because we have so many other things to do- he was bummed...but little did he know! When we finally arrived, he was like a little kid on Christmas- too cute!
I ate lots of yummy seafood while Kale looked at me like I was gross! He did enjoy his fair share of fried alligator!
See Kale's shirt? That isn't sweat...it was a crazy rain storm that we found ourselves in with no umbrella!

We couldn't go to New Orleans and not go to Bourbon Street! We also couldn't pass up getting some beads- UK beads to be specific!!
I want to go back so bad- I really want to go do the graveyard tours and be able to spend more then 48 hours in an awesome city!


  1. Umm you definitely have to go back and I'll give you a laundry list of things to do and eat that I promise they will all be AWESOME!!!

  2. So i came across your blog, and this post makes me excited! My bf who's in the marine corps stationed in NC, is from New Orleans, and I am going home with him over his 2 week leave in July and I couldnt be more excited! (also mentioning im meeting the family for the first time)! LOVE your blog by the way :)


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