Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My "to-do before homecoming" list

I dont know why I do this to myself...I always wait until my to-do lists become overwhelmingly long to start them! A lot of my items have been on my list since deployment day but I kept puting it off until "it got closer to homecoming".  Now, homecoming is still a couple months away but I put a different "have done by" date to my list because if I want it done by homecoming, then the last couple weeks will be completely insane so instead- my deadline will be my birthday, May 2nd.

I broke my list down by room and its pretty long but I know I will get it done.  I am also going out of town for 2 weeks in April so the rush is officially on! 57 days until my birthday- so with the 2 weeks that Ill be out of town (Erie and DC!) only leaves me with 43 days- eek!!

So, since I know you are all DYING to know what I need to do, Ill share!

Living Room:
-Repaint living room (hiring a painter- worth the money!)
-Hang photo wall
-Assemble bar stools

-Organize pantry
-Re-do cabniets
-Get a screen door installed on our back door

Half Bathroom:
-New toliet (hire plumber)
-Hang painting

Laundry Room:
-Organize top storage shelf

Master Bedroom:
- Put vinyl saying on wall
-Hang two canvas prints

Master Bathroom:
-Hang Beach Photo
-New Toliet (hire plumber)
-Attach shower head to wall (hire plumber)
-Fix Jacuzzi Tub (hire plumber through home warranty company)
-Hang wooden letters on closet doors

Man Cave/Game Room:
- Hang Signs
-Set up shelves for food
-Plug in fridge, fill with beer (this will wait until right before homecoming)

Guest Bathroom:
-New toliet (hire plumber)
-Paint walls (hire painter)
-Redecorate with UK theme
-New hardware installed
-Hang UK poster

Front Yard:
-Plant shurbs
-Seed the yard
-Position chairs on front porch
-Paint garage lights black
-Install motion-sensor light above garage (hoping to bribe one of my awesome friend's hubby to do this!)
-Plant and hang flower baskets

-Buy outdoor rug
- Bring patio set to deck
-Install planters across patio rail
-Plant vegetable seedlings in planters
-Hang cord for clothes line

So yeah, that's a lot!! Im gonna be one busy gal- but the busier the better! Full steam ahead until my birthday!!

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