Saturday, March 26, 2011

My latest and potentially greatest epiphany

1st I want to start by saying today is 7 months down- if this had been the "normal" planned deployment Kale would be home or just about to be home...I plan to throw a 5 minute pity party and go on with my day!

Back to what the title was about....

General George S. Patton once said "Make your plans to fit your circumstances." What a genius man.  

Too many military spouses, myself very much included, try to make plans that include our loved ones and then when it doesn't work out post statuses like "The Marine Corps strikes again!" or one of my personal favorites "The Marine Corps is my husband's mistress and sometimes that bitch gets all the attention." 

I spent the better part of 4 months "boo hoo"ing about how we didn't get our Sandals vacation that we planned in May, heck- I've complained about it as recently as last week but you know what? No more...I have had an epiphany, a military spouse epiphany!

I'm gonna take what General Patton said and apply it to my life.  So often I have made plans then had something come up on the Marine Corps side of things that messed it up and instead of adjusting my plan to that new circumstance, I complain about how everything is ruined! I will now be making plans to fit the circumstances...

For example, my sister graduates high school in early June.  My original thought was to have Kale take post-deployment leave during that time frame so that we can drive up and watch my sister graduate and have her graduation party during that time as well.  Now that Ive had my "ah ha" moment, I can see the many faults that could come along with this plan- what if Kale doesn't get leave for that time frame? That would ruin my entire plan and I would miss the graduation and it would break my heart! So instead, I will plan on driving up for that weekend to Erie by myself.  If Kale gets leave for that time frame than we will adjust to that circumstance, aka him joining me.  I cant plan on him being there, but I know my schedule (or lack there of since I don't have a job!) and I will plan for me.  

I cant keep trying to control what schedule the Marine Corps has my husband on, I cant control when he will come home or get leave but I can control how I plan for events.  There is no use trying to get the circumstances to fit into our plans, so from now on, I will fit our plans into the circumstances.


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