Monday, March 7, 2011

Memory Lane Monday

Ive learned so much in my couple years dealing with the Marine Corps, and looking back on some of the things that I used to believe (mainly because of Kale) down right make me bust out laughing when I remember them. Today, I was talking about something and it just cracked me up when I remembered my first time on base.  
(This photo makes me laugh because he had just picked me up from the airport and I took one look at him and realized that we kind of matched, I kept saying "I have to change my shirt- we cant be "those people"" only to realize that my baggage didn't make the flight!!)

Kale was still in SOI, I came down for the weekend and his aunt (who's husband is a retired Marine) drove us around main base and took us to the beach and back.  After we got back to our hotel room, Kale was asking me if I saw any of the snipers.  I said no and he went on about how they have snipers in the trees and on the buildings in case people try to enter secure areas that they aren't supposed to- the snipers would fire a warning shot first, then deliver a real one.  I was terrified!! 

He also told me that if when we were driving on base and I went under the speed limit while passing the ASP (Ammo Supply Point, I think), Marine police cars would surround my car within seconds because they would think I was spying.  At that point, I decided I would never drive on base once I moved down!! 

After about a week of living at Lejeune, I realized that there was NO WAY that what Kale told me had been true- snipers just sitting in random trees along the road? Really? I fell for that???

As for the police cars- where would they be hiding if they were to swarm me "within seconds", not possible! 

I laughed it off as Kale being silly and try to worry me, and laughed at myself for believing him.  Last year I brought it up while driving on base with him and he has NO IDEA what I was talking about! He doesn't remember telling me that at all! He even denies it but I know he told me that!

I was so naive back then....

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