Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory Lane Monday: Through the woods!

This one is short and sweet...

After Kale returned home from Afghanistan in 2009, we went zip-lining! It was so fun...I am really scared of heights and when I wasn't zip-lining I was clinging to a tree for dear life but when I was zooming through the forest, I was fine! It was tons of fun and Kale and I really want to do a night time one.  Kale wants to tape glow sticks all over his body, just the mental image I have in my head would make the 3 hour trip back to the place worth it! 

 Kale brought his helmet camera and recorded a ton of our hour long tour...then we got Cujo and he ate the memory card so we dont have ANY of the video anymore, more reason to go back!
 Kale says I look like a monkey here....he added "a cute one" when I gave him the death stare, he hasnt mentioned it again!
 We survived! My helmet was too big, I highly doubt it would have prevented a head injury- its halfway off of my skull!
Thumbs up!


  1. Where did you go do this? It looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Um, I honestly have no idea (I know I suck...) Ill ask Kale next time I talk to him- it was like 3 hours away though, we took i-40 most of the way. I want to try another place when we do it again just to get different views and stuff, I saw a billboard for "Zip Quest" today so I want to check out their info in the next few weeks!


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