Friday, May 14, 2010

Frugal Friday!

First, before I get into my frugal-ness I have to share the exciting news...YESTERDAY I BOOKED A 7 NIGHT VACATION AT A SANDALS RESORT FOR KALE AND I!! I can not wait, hurry up August 30th!! WOOHOO!!!!!! We have been saving up for this for about a year, we have our own vacation fund and we were able to book the all-inclusive resort and we get a $250 spa credit and we only had to pay for 1 plane ticket! We also have a good chunk left in our fund so that we can use it at the casino or any of the excursions that will cost extra! It really pays to save! I need this vacation sooooo bad!!!!

And back to my original post...

So, I am kicking my butt back into couponing shape! I am going to start my renewal at CVS, just a small trip though!

My CVS trip should look like this-

Transaction #1:
-Crest Prohealth Toothpaste: FREE with ECB (Extra Care Bucks) plus .75 Q
-Crest Prohealth Rinse: FREE with ECB plus $1.00 Q
-Schick Hyrdo 5 Razor: FREE with $4 ECB and $5.00 Q
-U by Kotex tampons: FREE with ECB plus $1.00 Q
-Dry Idea Deoterant: FREE with ECB and $1.00 Q
-2 Pantene Products: 2.97 with ECB and $1.00 Q

So I will pay
* 3.50-.75 = 2.75 with 3.50 ECB
* 3.50-1.00= 2.25 with 3.50 ECB
* 8.99-5.00= 3.99 with 4.00 ECB
* 4.99-1.00= 3.99 with 4.99 ECB
*2.49-1.00= 1.49 with 2.00 ECB
*6.97-1.00= 5.97 with 3.00 ECB

Total: 20.44 with 20.99 ECB


I have a $4 off $20 purchase so...

Total: 16.44 with 20.99 ECB

Grand Total: PROFIT of 4.55!

With the ECB's, we are going to use them to buy some toothbrushes, and use some coupons that expire soon for some random things that we need...Ill be sure to take a pic of my purchases!

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