Sunday, May 23, 2010

Take it down a notch buddy...

So Friday night, I went to Zumba and got Mexican with Melissa, it was awesome- a great workout and great time at dinner! I was so tired when I got home but Kale and Jesse wanted to go out so they left and I fell asleep!

Well they get home and Kale is all excited because the local bar that we usually go to set up a volleyball court outside and they played all night, so the next night- Saturday, I joined them...It was so fun! We played for like 3 hours!! Then today we went for dinner at the bar (it is a restaurant/bar) and we played 2 games then some dude shows up and is like yelling when someone would miss a play...

I didn't wanta play once he joined in so I went and sat down, this dude was way to intense, like whoa buddy its freaking volleyball at a bar, not the Olympics!

I hate when everyone is having fun and one person comes in and takes it to a whole new level and ruins it!

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