Sunday, May 2, 2010

Its my birthday...

Im officially 22 years old! What a difference a year makes...last year Kale had been deployed for 6 months and my friends and I went out and had way too much fun...this year, 2 of those friends have infants and most are trying for a baby so we did hibachi and you know what, it was so much more fun as last years! (We celebrated a day early since my bday is on a Sunday) Plus, a huge bonus is that Kale is in the same state as I am...not home, but in the same state!

Kale is expected to get back from the field in time to go out to dinner for my bday though! But, Im not holding my breath...I am telling myself he wont make it just in case so Id rather be excited then let down!!

The last few days have been a little crazy too! Like I said, yesterday-Saturday I did dinner with the girls but also went to the craft fair (got some great ideas for sewing projects!) and strawberry picking! Strawberry picking has become a tradition of LeShea and I...we went a few days after I first moved down in 2008 and this is the 3rd year we went! Braxton (her 2 month old) wasnt feeling the 85 degree weather and was not too happy about our decision to pick strawberries so it was a quick trip...were gonna go back again when the guys are back and they can be on babysitting duty!

On Friday we had a going away parties, soo much fun! I love getting to hang out with the CW neck was killing me when I got home from all the laughing! Oh and I ate my weight in chocolate chip cookies (Thanks Andrea!!!), and I wonder why I cant lose weight!!

I just realized that this time next week, I will be a college graduate...kinda freaky!!

Well, I have been asked a few times by friends "what is your plan for your birthday" and I never have anything exciting to say...I think I am going to sit out in the sun on the patio and read the new Cosmo, make some homemade waffles for Jesse and I once he wakes up, then hope that Kale gets home tonight and they dont move it back to tomorrow!

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