Thursday, May 27, 2010

We made it to Erie!

Well, 12 hours of driving and about 5 pukes from Cujo and we arrived in Erie...the drive wasn't too bad, Kale drove most of it, I only drove for 4 hours so he could get in a nap!

I hate driving at night, I would much rather drive through the day, but Kale loves driving at night because there is less traffic! Its great to be on leave, its nice knowing that we don't HAVE to do anything...but of course, we've barely seen each other today!

Kale woke up early to go to the DMV to get the "needs contacts" removed from the back of his license since he got LASIK. So the Naval Hospital gave him some letter saying that it was okay...of course, the DMV required their own form. I thought he was just out of luck, but not the case! He went to the VA Medical Center and they completed the form for him, and now he is the owner of a brand new license...

As I type this, he is out to lunch with his best friend Katie, then is going to go to Lowes to try to figure out how to make a little fence to keep the dogs see, my parents have a huge fenced in yard...but my tiny little pups fit right through the now we need to come up with plan b, because we have chased them around the neighborhood one to many times!!

One of Kales favorite things of coming to Erie has to be getting to drive my Mom's birthday present...

Tomorrow I am hoping to have a more "relaxing" day...I feel like when we go to visit anywhere, its always so hectic...that is why I am so excited for the Bahamas, we will have no one to visit, no running around...just plain relaxing!

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