Thursday, May 20, 2010

Money and Marriage...

So I had DVR'd "True Life: Im a Newlywed" and man, this one couple made me so mad! They said that their Pastor said that most fights of married couples is regarding money so they decided to lay out all the debt that they have and figure out what each brings to the table..

All this sounds great, but it was a month after they got married! That is crazy to me!! I dont know why they thought that such an important topic should wait until after "I Do"!

Before Kale and I even moved in, a year before our wedding, I knew the financial situation, had made budgets, and talked about our financial goals...

Granted, our budget has changed drastically, it took a while to get it down but who knows what our financial situation would be if we decided to just deal with it after we got married...we would be no where near where we are now!

I just couldnt believe that part of the was so odd to me!

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