Monday, May 10, 2010

A Week in Review...

So, as promised, I'm gonna go over what craziness occurred last week while my family was in town and I didn't get on the computer!

Tuesday, May 4th- Today was a major cleaning day! Kale and I spent most of the day cleaning the house because my family flew into Wilmington and arrived at 1045pm. I normally go to bed at like 10 so I was sooo tired when I picked them up! Oh I almost forgot...Cujo got a JACKED UP HAIR CUT!! The poor thing looks nothing like he used too...hopefully it grows back soon, real soon!

Wednesday, May 5th- CINCO DE MAYO! I didn't really celebrate although Kale and my Mom made some margaritas after dinner...I went grocery shopping with my Dad today, he is fascinated by the commissary! He kept looking at the prices and couldn't believe how cheap the items were...Dad just loves being on a military base...he was like a little kid in a candy store when humvees, trucks, or any other military vehicle would drive by! It was too funny!

Thursday, May 6th- Tomorrow is graduation! Woot Woot! We didn't really do much today, we went to Wilmington to go shopping for a graduation outfit and that was a major time suck of most of the day!

Friday, May 7th- Today, so much went not according to plan...I wake up and Dad asks if everyone already took a shower, after a round of "No", he said "I cant get hot water..." so I think he is just crazy and go test it and sure hot water...We try to re-set the circuit breaker for it and nothing I put in a request through our home warranty for service....We all needed to shower so THANK GOODNESS for LeShea, so we load up in the car to go take showers at her house and MY CAR WONT START!!! Well, it will start, it just wont stay on...once I turn it on, if I don't immediately step on the gas, it will it had to be towed...GREAT! But by 8pm that night, Toyota had fixed it...So we had to wait for Kale to get home to take our showers at LeShea's then we got ready and headed to graduation

It was great, kinda boring but still so exciting! One thing that tickled my bone was that I finished with a 3.55 cumulative GPA which meant I would get to wear one of the rope things over my gown...but turns out, if you are a transfer student, even with your other GPA factored in, it doesn't count...RIP OFF!!!! I was bummed...

But then we went and had the most tasty meal EVER! We went to the Port City Chop House after and OMG! BEST FOOD!!!! It was so good, I cant even describe it other then, it was like heaven on a plate!!!!

All in all Friday was a crazy day but I am an official college graduate so even though things were breaking down all around, I didnt even care...that much.

So, that was a quick recap of my week...a little running around, a great graduation, and fun times with my family...

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