Monday, May 3, 2010

"Its your birthday and you're here?"

So, thankfully I didn't get to excited about having Kale be home at a normal hour for my birthday because I would have been disappointed! Around 5:00pm he texted me and said that his section (there are 2) was back and waiting for the next group to finish up shooting then hopefully they will be off, he figured it would be like 2-3 hours...

At 5:30 he said that the other group was still shooting and if I wanted, I could come up and hang out with him and the guys in his section while they waited, I jumped at the chance...heck, its been 4 years since we got to spend my birthday together and I didn't care that it would be spent sitting in a parking lot with 15 dirty, smelly Marines! One of Kale's SSgt overhead a bunch of them saying "Happy Birthday" to me and goes "Its your birthday, and you're here?" and all I could do was laugh and say "yep, I don't have many other options!"

So, 8:30 rolls around and the second group finally gets back...then an hour of running around and turning in weapons and all that jazz occurs...FINALLY! 9:30 they get off work so Kale rushes to the barracks to take a quick shower (they were covered in dirt, it was gross!) then by 10:00 we were headed out to dinner! I wanted to go to the Melting Pot but we knew that wasn't an option when he wasn't home by 6, so I called a bunch of places that might have a kitchen open after 10pm and our choices were LIMITED so we went with Applebee's...

All and all it was a good day...I survived turning 22, the next birthday I have to look forward to is 25 when my car insurance will go down...

BUT, TODAY IS MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY!!!! YEAH, BORN 3 YEARS AND A DAY AFTER ME...SHE COULDNT LET ME HAVE MORE THEN 24 HOURS TO CELEBRATE! Most people can pull the "its my birthday week!" but when you share that "week" with someone else, you cant get away with as much haha!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!!!!

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